Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources

SEER is a publicly traded holding company that provides a wide range of environmental, renewable fuels and industrial waste stream management services. The Company serves a diverse customer base that includes oil and gas refineries, regional landfills, medical waste destruction operations, and food and beverage companies – providing critical operations services and helping customers remain in compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements. With its long-standing customer relationships and vast experience, SEER is committed to bringing to market the most effective and advantageous technologies available in the renewable fuels and industrial waste stream management sectors in both the United States and Europe.

Our Services & Companies


MV Technologies

Through its MV Technologies, with its patented and proprietary technologies, the Company provides a broad array of state-of-the-art odor and emissions control solutions and conditions gaseous waste streams for beneficial uses and renewable energy sources.


Paragon Waste Solutions

Through Paragon Waste Solutions, with its patented and disruptive CoronaLux(tm) technology, the Company provides to industries throughout the world the cleanest and most cost effective method to destroy all types of solid, bio-hazardous, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical waste streams.



With Pellechar and its proprietary blend of organic fertilizer and superior biochar product, the Company provides sustainable solutions to increase agricultural yield while reducing the negative environmental impacts from nutrient run-off and leaching.


Trusted Customers

SEER is a trusted provider of environmental services to a wide range of customers in a variety of business segments. Customer satisfaction is our hallmark and long-standing customer relationships are a testament to our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs and delivering our solutions in a timely, cost effective manner. Below is a representative sampling of SEER customers past and present.